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Writeaday – Journal & Timeline

Journal that motivates you to write more, by viewing your writing as a color gradient. Invest in a journal that helps you commit to writing regularly. Record your daily events and relive them as a rainbow gradient.

• Accepted into FbStart – Global Program by Facebook to fund startups growth
• Top 10 Android Apps of February 2017 (by PhoneDog)

• Fundamentally unique way to write quickly during the day.
• Organize journal entries using #tags (‘#’ before any word you write).
• View your entries in an organized widget
• Backup to your own personal Google Drive
• Revisit your past with Time Machine – shows you an entry from the past.
• Achieve more with Daily Intention – set one single goal each day, and do it well.
• Day, Night, and more Color Themes
• Notebook with a lock (pincode or fingerprint)
• Free forever – only pay for customizations. No limits on the number of entries

My Story
I built Writeaday because I wanted to quickly jot down notes in a journal throughout the day. I didn’t want to spend 30 minutes at the end of the day to keep a diary of how my day went. I also wanted a journal that motivated me to keep writing. I had tried to keep a journal in the past and never went more than a month.

Each day is assigned 1 color of the rainbow so that if you write for a full week you get a complete weekly rainbow. Use Writeaday for 1 full week to get the full effect of this concept of “keeping a streak” converted into a visual form as a color gradient.

Reflect on your timeline of entries – your personal writing about your experiences, anything you need to vent about, or any gratitude that you want to express. This is your own personal scrapbook of feelings, whether you need a journal because you want to remember your past. Or because you suffer from depression and you need a diary for a therapeutic way to vent feelings.

Record your personal feelings & thoughts in under 30 seconds and get on with your day.
• Brought back the enter button for longer entries
• Horizontal view in tags now shows 2 columns
• Bug Fixes – sorry about the Settings Bug everyone!
• Free: Persistent notification to write entries from anywhere
• Premium: Export all your entries as a plain text file


  • Writeaday - Journal & Mood Screenshot
  • Writeaday - Journal & Mood Screenshot
  • Writeaday - Journal & Mood Screenshot
  • Writeaday - Journal & Mood Screenshot
  • Writeaday - Journal & Mood Screenshot
  • Writeaday - Journal & Mood Screenshot
  • Writeaday - Journal & Mood Screenshot

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Writeaday – Journal, Diary, Timeline v2.4 [Unlocked] / Mirror

Writeaday – Journal & Timeline v1.8.0 [Unlocked] / Mirror