SleepEasy® Technique Pro

Are you suffering from a busy mind? Tired of not sleeping well?

Via this App you will receive the complete guided session of SleepEasy® Technique – the key sleep improvement tool that has helped thousands of suffering insomniacs over the course of our 25+ years private clinic operation, corporate trainings and community workshops.

When settling down in bed for sleep tonight, listen to Brenda Doherty’s guiding voice of the SleepEasy® Technique.

Your gentle focus on following the steps of this Technique will steadily settle your body and quieten the busy mind, allowing your sleep to unfold naturally. It’s that simple!

What this App is

▪ SleepEasy® Technique Pro App is the mobile phone/tablet delivery of the complete SleepEasy® Technique – our clinics most successful sleep improvement programme

▪ This Technique is to be listened to when in bed and settling for sleep. Wear comfortable headphones or connect your device to an external speaker, use soft volume

▪ Gently focus on the guided steps of the SleepEasy® Technique. You may not even hear the end of the session as sleep arrives at its own pace

What this App is not

▪ This is not a hypnotherapy App. We do not apply any background sounds like white noise or subliminal messaging to numb your mind down. What you hear is all there is

▪ This App is not a substitute for conventional medicine, especially if your sleep problems are caused by any serious physical condition. However, many sleep-pill consumers have been able to get off their tablets once they established the SleepEasy® Technique as their nightly routine

▪ We placed no advertisements or additional payments in this App. You get all you need with the first purchase

How soon can I observe improvements

Typically, positive outcomes are experienced from the first night depending on the extent of your insomnia.

Solid and consistent improvements to the quality of your sleep will likely happen when you make the SleepEasy® Technique your nightly routine.

Now, let us work together on bettering Your Health through improving Your Sleep!

What’s New

We have fine tuned the App user interface with better looking controls. Also your sleep aid audio files should now load faster than ever before.

If you run into any troubles using this App on your mobile device, give us the heads up on [email protected]

Happy Sleeping!

This app has no advertisements


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