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Screen Master Screenshot & Longshot, Photo Markup

You are reading an article or watching hot news and suddenly you find something interesting and save it. what are you going to do Instead of saving an entire article or taking a picture on another phone, you can use another smart way, right? Introducing an exciting one called Screen Master. This is the smartest screen capture application ever with the freedom to save any image you want. This handle is a smart handle that shows you are a modern person.

Screen Master

Simple and effective

What do you usually use when you find something interesting while browsing the web? I saw a lot of people using different devices so they could capture these things. But it’s not a good way and takes too much time. Needless to say, another mobile is very bad if he does not have the device. Rest assured, the times are evolving day by day, and the application of modernity is gradually appearing.

A screen master has been born that represents a new age of intelligence. The main application is the crystallization of contemporary elements combined with everyone’s needs. Easy to use and easy to install. As long as you can choose the right icon and install it in seconds, you already own this amazing application. It’s very simple, but the efficiency is impressive.

Screen Master apk

Modern application

Screen Master uses its own toolbar, more unique than ever. Once installed, users are free to use it or customize it for their personal purposes. One-touch shooting, swiping to the screen, etc., can be instantly selected according to individual preferences. What’s special is that some big ideas have been implemented. Draw features, adjust text, and remove unwanted points before saving the image.

Screenshot images are of high quality and are not corrupted when saved. Images are saved in bookmarked folders and users can even customize their names to make them easier to find. With both predefined angle capture mode and full screen capture mode, users can easily select and use according to their needs. Besides some notable points, the highlights are the audio and image quality.

Screen Master pro

Benefits of the app

By instantly owning this unique application, you can capture interesting moments or save something special without using any other device. Screen Master also supports users to save images to external folders by connecting to these devices. There are also portable keyboard shortcuts that can be left on screen for more flexible recording and faster application launch times.

The application also has a large capacity, so you can save many images. The app is suitable for all devices and is free to use. Supports image markers such as cropping, image rotation, and image area cropping. You can add text, add stickers and add photos to make your photos more unique.

Screen Master mod

Screen Master has won the trust of users. What’s special is that the application has grown significantly and added features that make it more diverse and unique than ever before.Plug in this amazing app and let it be your ideal partner .

What’s New:
Fix notification bar cannot take screenshots

◉ Pro / Paid Features Unlocked
◉ AOSP Compatible / No Google
◉ CPUs arch: Universal
◉ Full Multi Languages
◉ All debug Info Removed
◉ Original Signature Changed

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  • ScreenMaster:Screenshot Markup Screenshot
  • ScreenMaster:Screenshot Markup Screenshot
  • ScreenMaster:Screenshot Markup Screenshot
  • ScreenMaster:Screenshot Markup Screenshot
  • ScreenMaster:Screenshot Markup Screenshot
  • ScreenMaster:Screenshot Markup Screenshot
  • ScreenMaster:Screenshot Markup Screenshot
  • ScreenMaster:Screenshot Markup Screenshot


Screen Master v1.8.0.14 [Pro] / Mirror

Older Version

Screen Master v1.8.0.12 APK + MOD / Mirror

Screen Master v1.8.0.4 [Pro] / Mirror