iSpeed - Best Android Booster

iSpeed – Best Android Booster

Using a memory booster or battery saver already? Here is why you should choose iSpeed. Any memory booster or battery saver that constantly runs in the background uses battery power. And it clears RAM and kills other running apps multiple times a day to provide you lag-free user experience. Any memory device will have a threshold limit. So RAM starts to wear out sooner and that is why a two-year old android device is never as smooth as it was during the first few months.

iSpeed Booster Pro APK is an easy-to-use application to speed up and optimize memory on your mobile device by battery efficient algorithm without any data usage.

New Updates:

  • WhatsApp Optimization
  • WhatsApp GIF Clearing
  • Battery Health Check
  • Design Changes
  • Accurate Statistics

Product Description:
It is very simple to use. Just single click is enough. No internet connection is required and the application itself will consume very less memory and will not run in the background. iSpeed will not kill essential system services which helps your mobile device to be more secure.

Annoying advertisements, and in-app purchases in other Apps?
Still using those Masters and Boosters that literally use every permission to access sensitive data in your mobile device at the cost our ad revenue generated by you? (Please refer ‘Permission Details’ section in those Apps.)

Key Features of iSpeed are:

  • Full version
  • Light weight
  • No advertisements
  • Net connection not required
  • No background running services
  • No in-app purchases

Purchase once and live free forever. We are committed to No In-App Purchases and No Advertisements.

Previous Updates:

  • Enhancements for Lollipop 5.1
  • Visualize Results
  • Improved Design
  • Fixed Screen Turning Off during optimizing
  • RAM Optimization
  • Help Screen
  • Fixed Auto Wifi Turn-on
  • Design Tweaks
  • One-touch buttons to fix Wifi and Net connections
  • Tweaks for better battery performance
  • Better Design
  • iSpeed-Speed Booster is a memory booster.
  • iSpeed-Speed Booster is fixes connectivity issues in wireless networks like internet, mobile networks, wifi and bluetooth.
  • iSpeed-Speed Booster will be updated as often as possible.


  • iSpeed - Phone Memory Cleaner Screenshot
  • iSpeed - Phone Memory Cleaner Screenshot
  • iSpeed - Phone Memory Cleaner Screenshot
  • iSpeed - Phone Memory Cleaner Screenshot
  • iSpeed - Phone Memory Cleaner Screenshot
  • iSpeed - Phone Memory Cleaner Screenshot


iSpeed – Best Android Booster v4.1 (Patched/Proper) APK / Mirror

iSpeed – Best Android Booster v4.0 (Patched/Proper) APK / Mirror