Rudiments are basic exercises for drummers meant to increase your speed, ability and creativity when playing the drums. But it’s just not enough to play along a single tempo track to master them.

Drumate lets you take advantage of the processing power in your phone to generate a vast amount of training patterns from a single rudiment. This makes it a lightweight and efficient app, since it needs very little storage space, and it allows you to experiment with three practice modes:

• Constant: practice the rudiment at a constant speed, with or without rests. This mode is useful when getting used to the rudiment structure and feel.
• Steps: play for sets of steps, each at its own tempo. You can go from a slow to a fast tempo, or the other way round. The length of the steps is adjustable and rests can be included as well. Use this mode to push you further when gaining speed.
• Up and Down: start at an initial tempo that will be increased on each bar, until it gets to a maximum value and then decreases to the initial value. This mode allows you to practice from “open to close to open” and is great to cover a wide range of speed to increase your resistance and speed.

These three modes are available for all the rudiments. The rudiments can be filtered by type, and you can mark rudiments as Favorites so you can filter them and focus on sets of rudiments. It is a great tool for musicians, specially drummers and percussionists. Drumate is the true mate to improve your drumming!

I myself am a drummer and I developed this app because I thought it was possible to harness the power of phones to do more than just play tracks. I have achieved this by creating an algorithm that uses a single bar of a rudiment to generate diverse and adjustable practice tracks that I believe will enrich the training sessions of drummers and interested musicians, while substantially saving phone storage space.

The app currently uses Android’s internal synthesizer for playback, but with your appreciated help and contribution when installing Drumate, I will be able to buy a software license for better snare and metronome sounds. Your help will also allow me to continue working as an independent developer to make it better, listen to your opinions and update it.

What’s New:
Fix bug with fading snare volume

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  • Drumate - Drum Rudiments Screenshot
  • Drumate - Drum Rudiments Screenshot
  • Drumate - Drum Rudiments Screenshot
  • Drumate - Drum Rudiments Screenshot
  • Drumate - Drum Rudiments Screenshot
  • Drumate - Drum Rudiments Screenshot


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