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Auto Display Gold

Auto Display Gold

Auto Display turns automatically screen on or off using rules for different sensors User may choose by rule which sensor and setting will turn screen on and which sensor is keeping it enabled.

This application is excellent in vehicles or hobbies. You can keep screen on while surfing internet and turn screen off when you lay it on table. You can keep screen on only when vehicle is on move or engine is running. You can turn screen on when you open device’s leather cover or you pick device from pocket. Etc, etc.

Features :
* Screen turning on can be chosen to be triggered by device angle (accelerometer),                  vibration indicator, speed (km/h, mph) and/or proximity sensor.
* Screen can be kept enabled by device angle, vibration indicator, speed, proximity sensor       and/or charger. Or screen can be chosen to be always enabled.
* Diverse settings could be used for programming user’s own logic. Sensor combinations        can be programmed with AND or OR based logic.
* Vibration indicates, when screen is turning on or off.

This is full version of Auto Display without ads.


Improvements and optimizations.


The app was not found in the store. 🙁


Auto Display Gold v1.2 [Paid] / Mirror

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