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Xbrowser Mod APK is one of the useful search tools for users. The application is constantly being improved and updated to meet the needs of all users.

Users want a powerful search engine and Xbrowser is the tool that meets their needs. This application always gives the user an objective point of view and provides all the necessary information. More precisely, there are always optimal updates and improvements to the application to achieve the objectives of each user. The application has a wide range of useful features that users can quickly select to suit their needs.


Users select applications to find useful information. More precisely, the application offers a wide range of information closely related to your search. Providing a wide range of information is easy to choose from and can meet users’ needs in this area.

The application supports effective voice search. Users can also choose from different forms of search, but voice search remains the most valuable. With this form, the results are immediate and the selection does not take long.

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The application has one important highlight. does not contain ads that accompany your search. This helps applications limit false information or limit unwanted information theft.


Numerous new application interfaces have been updated to meet the needs of each of us. The application always prioritizes choosing a user-friendly and simple interface to limit large battery consumption.At this point, you can even design a new interface yourself to meet your unique needs.


The application has a modern speed reading mode, effective for all users. More specifically, users can choose to read valuable articles. This fast read mode helps you filter out more useful information, and filtering information always has a special effect on the user.


In this application you will come across absolute security features. Information security is very important as it can limit malicious sources. More specifically, users can choose one of their own forms of security, such as using a barcode, fingerprint scan, or key ID address.


Users can instantly choose how to save certain search information. This allows you to view and save the information you need later, so you can easily find it when you need it. In addition, the application also supports a top secret storage mode where users can protect their own information, important information.

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Users can customize their own shortcuts on the main screen for more convenient searching. This link will be incorporated into various functions. Back up documents, read articles, and provide information so users have a quick choice when they need it.

It provides all valuable information and offers many attractive proposals for users to choose from.

Do not cover ads or spam to minimize forms of confidential information theft.

Limit false information and prevent articles from appearing on information search pages.

Ability to quickly edit searches to save users time in making selections.

Optimally protect your search information so that you can keep your personal information confidential.

It selects information effectively and has convenient reading modes to help you do your own work.

You can easily adapt different interfaces to your needs or choose an interface that you have created.

What’s new


-Added two new data cleanup options, “Local Storage” and “Web Data”, to completely solve the problem of large space occupied by long web browsing.
-Added option ‘Return tabs in the order they are opened’ (general browser settings) to optimize the logic of closing tabs.
– To avoid disputes, remove the built-in ‘easylistchina’ intercept rule. Please find the interception rule that suits you.
– To avoid disputes, users are shown copyright reminders when viewing resource files for the first time.


-Fixed a bug due to which Google Translate could not be used in China
-Fixed a bug that backup files could not be restored on low version Android systems.

★★★ MOD ★★★

  • Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Lithuanian, Chinese
  • Removed analytics, debug information
  • After the exit does not hang in active processes
  • Languages: Russian (additionally translated strings in assets and classes.dex)

This app has no advertisements


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Downloads : Removed analytics

XBrowser – Super Fast & mini v3.8.4 build 667 [MOD] / Mirror

Older Version

XBrowser – Super Fast & mini v3.8.2 build 658 [MOD] / Mirror

XBrowser – Super Fast & mini v3.8.1 build 654 [MOD] / Mirror