WiFI WPS Cracker

WiFI WPS Cracker

The smartest and easiest to control and monitor the number of users connected to your WiFi network and get information about connected devices, you are exactly right, Optimize your WiFi network using WiFi Analyzer (open source ) by examining around WiFi networks, measure the signal strength, and the identification crowded channel.

Privacy and user safety is a huge concern these days and WiFi Analyzer

• clean and neat design with a fresh and intuitive interface
• The fastest and smartest way to track connected devices
• Learn more about your current network speed, and name …
• Learn more about connected devices
• Port Scanning (to come)
• Wake-on-LAN (to come)
• Troubleshoot your Internet connection (to come)
• It’s fast, intelligent and reliable
• Database addresses of suppliers
• Useful for anyone
• Fewer ads
• Free

The use of “police WiFi” allows you to easily check your wifi and see how many people or are connected to your wireless router & connection.
When using the recovery function, your camera needs rooted.Wifi Password Recovery is the application to retrieve the password already lost WiFi networks you’ve connected. “Password Recovery WIFI” recover the passwords wlan wifi previously connected networks on your Android device.This application that recover or restore your own passwords and wifi for passwords.

How to use the WIFI password recovery?
1.Open the application recovery WiFi passwords
2. Use a grounded and allow superuser permissions device
Registered 3.Recover / WIFI scanned
*: Free WIFI password recovey Application
* Passwords: List of all connected wifi password (root required)
* Detail: Show wlan SSID and password and detect wifi history
* Easy: Copy WIFI wifipasswords clipboard (to paste over key)
Fill out your WiFi password to another device to scan and network access
* Share: Share WiFi Passwords by one way or create a QR code for other applications to scan
or sms, mail, etc. to note
* Supported: If you log and save your own Google account WIFI password, you can recover your passwords on all other root devices.


  • WiFI WPS Cracker Screenshot
  • WiFI WPS Cracker Screenshot
  • WiFI WPS Cracker Screenshot
  • WiFI WPS Cracker Screenshot


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