Wifi Switcher Pro

Wifi Switcher Pro Often we forget to change between the routers and end up downloading things at an extremely slow rate, or on mobile data without realizing. This tool will automatically switch to the closest preferred router when you move around.


  • Define a distance at which it will switch routers
  • Set preferred routers
  • Turn off mobile data when switching between routers
  • Switch between repeaters
  • Ability to switch to 5GHz or 2.4GHz for any network that supports both
  • Routers load by BSSID instead of SSID, allowing for easier router identification

Pro Features

  • Switch routers automatically without clicking a notification
  • Specific Switch Range (decibels)
  • Turns off Mobile Data

What’s New

  • Fixed UI bugs in Devices running Android versions < 5.0
  • Fixed issue causing preferred button to not show up on devices with large default fonts. Removed unnecessary permissions.
  • Fixed issue causing some Marshmallow devices to not switch networks.
  • Fixed issue causing Devices ≤ Android 4.4 to crash on launch.
  • Fixed other small bugs



Wifi Switcher Pro v2.2 APK (2.9 Mb) | Mirror