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WiFi FTP Turns your Android Phone/Pad/TV into a Wireless FTP Server. You can now copy multiple files, folders, or entire hard drives to your Phone and access this information anywhere. Leave your USB keys behind, your Android Phone can do all that and MORE!

Connect and share everything among phones, save you time and eliminate the need of USB data cable for file transfer.

Already supported encoding

  •  UTF8
  •  GBK(GB2312)
  •  BIG5
  •  ISO 8859-9 (Turkish)
  •  ISO 8859-1 (Portuguese)

The fewer cables to carry the better
The computer doesn’t need to have drivers it does need installed
Compatible with Windows Explorer and other FTP client tools (such as FileZilla)
No mobile data plan impact

WiFi FTP lets you:

  •  COPY Files
  •  VIEW Files
  •  BACKUP Files

All you need to do is:

  •   start WiFi FTP on your Phone.
  •  Click the ON button
  •  Connect to supplied IP using ANY ftp client (inc Explorer / Finder / FileZilla)
[PC] Recommend Client: FileZilla link:

[PC] Other Supported FTP Client:
Mac OS: FireFTP / CuteFTP / Transmit / Yummy / Interachy
Windows: FireFTP / CuteFTP / SmartFTP / WinSCP / Cyberduck
Linux : FireFTP / VirgoFTP / GFTP / GoFTP

That’s it. Now you have all your documents, file, photo, movies, music, homework, ANYTHING on your phone!

What’s New

  • add 7.0 support


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WiFi FTP Pro (File Transfer) v3.1.0 APK / Alternative Link /

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