The app Urmet Cloud Full provides advanced functions to handle the whole range of Urmet Cloud IP cameras, such as:
1) unlimited number of cameras that can be managed from the Urmet Cloud account
2) Speak/Listen, snapshot, videorecording available in the live preview interface
3) Search and playback of the video-recordings stored in the micro-SD
4) remote control of: video resolution, video quality, day and night exposure, auto-iris and alarm-out in the live preview interface
5) remote control of the camera setting, of the video recording parameters (recording mode, recorded resolution, file duration, pre and post rec) as well as of the event notifications via email with picture attached

IMPORTANT: to guarantee a proper working of all the Urmet Cloud Full’s functions, camera’s firmware version has to be or higher

What’s New

  • UrmetCloudFull_161108 v2.6.1
  •  Urmet P2P DVRs are now supported
  •  New P2P ID starting with “RS” are now supported
  •  Added Zoom/Focus/Iris controls on DVR/NVR channels
  •  Pinch-to-zoom on Mosaic Single View
  •  Camera Reboot Schedule can be managed by app (only for Cloud cameras having FW v. higher than


  • Urmet Cloud Full Screenshot
  • Urmet Cloud Full Screenshot