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Universal Copy

Universal Copy allows users to easily and accurately pull content from different platforms. Once you have fully approved your application, you can choose from a variety of functions and copy modes. Additionally, once content is identified, users can find many things related to that content. The Plus version offers a smoother experience without ads.

Language extensions for OCR systems

The new version of Universal Copy adds his four new languages ​​for OCR system: Devanagari, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. The application therefore allows you to copy texts in many languages ​​to different platforms. I am getting some errors when I copy text in my application. B. Improve the order of changed text. In fact, this is a tool that users cannot ignore.

Easily copy text on different platforms

The features that users find in her Universal Copy are easy to understand and help them easily copy different texts and use them immediately. With the different modes the application supports, you can get the content you see with just a few taps and extra care. This would certainly be a handy tool for many users if they could get the right content without spending a lot of time typing it again.

Give the app some permissions

After successfully installing Universal Copy, you must first grant permissions to the application. You need to navigate to different features and adjust the accessibility of your app so that it works seamlessly with other apps. So, once everything is installed, you can start using the app’s features right away. Choose different copy modes depending on the characteristics of your platform.

Choose the appropriate copy mode

Universal Copy provides users with Standard Copy, Universal Mode, and OCR Copy features. The default copy functionality is typically applied to platforms that simply copy the displayed content. At the same time, the universal part allows you to copy what you need on platforms where copying is not allowed in the same operation as normal mode. What’s more, OCR mode allows you to capture and quickly copy what you want.

Easily perform multiple operations

After the application identifies the content to copy, it also provides actions to perform on that content. In particular, you can use them in many different ways by simply copying them. We also have the ability to share this content on the desired platform and translate it if necessary. Therefore, these are useful features that all users will want to use.

Many types of files that can be scanned and copied

An interesting thing that users find when looking at the many features of this application is the ease with which they can copy and identify the content they want. Find solutions for quickly retrieving file and platform content using different copy modes. Therefore, it is very convenient for speeding up work and collecting more accurate information.

Ad-free experience with the Plus version

In the Plus version of the app, users can find many useful features. One of them is removing ads. Users want to get as much information as possible, which makes this application seamless. Everyone hates interruptions. The Plus version solves these problems and gives users a smoother experience so they can focus on their work.


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Universal Copy v6.3.3 [Unlocked] / Mirror

Universal Copy v6.3 [Unlocked] / Mirror

Universal Copy v6.2.1 [Unlocked] / Mirror