Your best companion to Theme WhatsApp to your liking

Ultimate WhatsApp Theme Engine a.k.a. UWTE is the modern way of modifying your beloved WhatsApp. Forget all the hassle of uninstalling official apk and installing modded ones. Mod your existing official installation to your linking. This is safer and easier to use than any modded apk.

UWTE comes in two different versions, namely:

UWTE Lite:- This is a free to use version with limitations. You are provided with options to choose Primary colour and Accent colour. Than these two colours are used to theme your WhatsApp.
UWTE Pro [Previously was known as UWTE Trial]:- This is the more advanced version which provides you full control over the mods and comes with other features such as Multiple Backup/Restore of Preferences, Themes & Theme Store, on the go changes, etc. This version comes with 15 days of complete free usage. No limitations whatsoever. Once the trial period of 15 days is over, you need to buy the License Key to continue using the Module or else move to the free version.

Features of UWTE Pro:-
The module preferences are divided into 5 categories to make it easier to navigate and apply the mods.
Easy to disable the mods and revert back to stock settings.
Possibility to share your created theme and download other shared themes from dedicated Theme Store.
Light weight and battery friendly app.
On the go application of mods. No hassle of restarting after every single change made.
In app updates, notifications about updates, new theme releases, etc.
Versions :
15 Days Trial Version :
Complete Free to use version with all features unlocked.
15 Days usage limit.

Free to use, limited access to features.
No time limit.

Paid[License Key + Free Version] :
All features unlocked.
Same as 15 days trial version except that there’s no time limit for it.


Fixed the non theming of input field in conversation window
Fixed the non theming of text color for attach popup window



Ultimate WhatsApp Theme Engine v5.4.10 [Unlocked] / Mirror