We present to your attention the most famous program for viewing Torrent television from the playlist of the site TORRENT-TV.RU.

This player uses ACE STREAM technology – Innovative multimedia platform of the new generation, which includes a variety of products and solutions, both for regular Internet users and professional multimedia market participants.
Note: Ace Stream uses technology based on P2P (Peer-Peer), developed on the basis of the BitTorrent protocol, which is recognized as the most efficient protocol for transmitting / delivering “heavy content”.
Ace Stream is much more than just a torrent client for sharing files through P2P networks!

The main areas of specialization of the platform:
– AVOD (Audio & Video on demand), live broadcast (live / streaming)
– Localization of BitTorrent traffic, decentralized social network, IOTT (Interactive-Over-The-Top)
– Interactive services
– Top gear.
The Ace Stream platform provides unsurpassed audio-video quality of online broadcasts on the Internet and the most efficient storage and delivery of video and audio content.
Note: Ace stream users watch online video with an audiovisual quality level, which is more than 10 times better than clips on YouTube (presented in 1080p format), and many times better than all other existing VoD services and live broadcasts, implemented by OTT service operators (Over The Top) Do not use efficient P2P technology.

Using this technology with the help of Torrent TV Player, you will enjoy watching many different TV channels
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