Text Voice SMS Reader solves the age old problem of receiving, sending and replying to sms text messages using only your voice.

Now you can text by voice, call contacts, and even reply to texts using Text by Voice Hands Free.
Text by Voice reads your sms text messages to you aloud – hands free and allows a reply hands free as well!
This voice to text application uses Google Speech to Text recognition and voice service. Whatever you give as voice will be translate into text.

◊ Text by voice – Completely hands free ex) driving, exercising, disabled, etc.
◊ Automatically turn on when connected to Bluetooth
◊ Works through your Bluetooth speakers and microphone
◊ Read text messages aloud automatically, by voice command, or ask if you want the message read aloud
◊ Call contacts hands free
◊ Compose text messages through Google’s Text to Speech engine, hear the preview before sending and finally send the text message (all hands free)
◊ Turn phone screen on and launch the app allowing you to compose a text message or call, all by a voice command.
◊ Uses Google’s Text to Speech (TTS) and Googles Speech Recognition
◊ Turn on auto-reply and even customize your auto-reply message
◊ Many more customizations…


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Download Links

  Text Voice SMS Reader v3.44.6 APK / Alternative Link