Telegram has made it easy to send messages and share stories with others. This app allows you to send texts quickly at no extra charge. Moreover, any messaging activity using this application is also guaranteed to be 100% safe, especially this application is suitable for all existing devices in the world. Its practicality and ease of use have won the trust of many people. All over the world he has more than 500 million users who know and use this application.

Fast and synchronous

Arguably one of the best messaging apps on the market today – Telegram has always performed well and holds its place. This application helps people connect, send messages, and share interesting life stories through a network of data centers. Once you start using this application, you will instantly receive information and messages that you share with others.

It is an independent application and is not known to be associated with any other application. Maybe that’s why his job performance is so good. Access and control your messages from all the devices you use with just one unique login. As a standalone app, all information collected is under your complete control. You don’t need to connect this to your phone. What’s more, you can log into many different devices without losing all the data you have in this application.

Unlimited and secure

Any information you share with others through this app will be transferred immediately and in full. Send photos, document files, and other information you want to transfer without worrying about size limits. All this information, regardless of size or type, is securely stored as needed. Very quickly and conveniently, the information you share reaches the recipient in just a second and the same answer is returned.

Convenience, security, speed, all issues are constantly being updated, so you don’t have to worry when using Telegram. Always provide users with the best utility. We always pursue safety and efficiency. The information you register in our application is always protected with a high level of security.And of course, all images, information and documents will never disappear without your permission.

100% free, open and powerful

Just download it. You already own the number one messaging app today. There are no gaps in the information recorded in this application. Additionally, this application guarantees a free API that you can use. They are created as documents and made available to everyone. The resources for this app indicate that it is completely safe and up to date from the publisher.

Especially with Telegram, you can create group chats with a large number of members, up to 200 people. All information and documents shared by all kinds of people, regardless of the amount of space they contain. They are always delivered quickly and conveniently. The application also makes it easy to set up bots and is considered a great tool for online hosting and group activities.

Reliability and fun

The most trusted messaging app built for people who love technology and want to stay up to date. You can send text messages and share information with minimal amount of data. Plus, it’s a smart app that works on all devices, even those with the weakest connection.

An application that attracts a large number of users around the world must provide a great experience. Share work information through group messages and have unique and fun conversations with everyone. With the photo/video editing tools in this app, every photo you send is always polished. In addition, users can use the application’s animated stickers and thousands of icons to make conversations more interesting.

Easy to use

Suitable for all ages and all jobs. Make your life more interesting with Telegram. With easy operation and high security, anyone can use it without worrying about security. Best of all, it ensures your privacy while using the app. All information recorded in this application is very secure and will not be shared with third parties.

MOD Lite
Optimized all graphics
Analytics removed
Garbage classes removed
Modification will not ask to enable Google Services if they are not in the system
Added several themes from Telegraph with preview
Signature changed


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