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StopAd - No-Root Ad Blocker

StopAd – No-Root Ad Blocker

The most effective ad blocker for Android. The app works across all major browsers and applications. StopAd—It’s our name. It’s what we do. It does not require root access. StopAd for Android is a simple and lightweight tool that supports both mobile and wifi networks.

Ad Blocking
We have a unique rules database which allows us to block ads more effectively than other ad blockers.

StopAd easily blocks :
Banner ads
Auto-start audio and video ads
In-app ads

Privacy Protection
StopAd deactivates online trackers so search engines, advertisers, and cyber criminals can’t collect your personal data when you’re online.

Speed Up Browsing
Web pages load faster since you won’t be waiting for ads to load—they’re just blocked.

Save Mobile Data
Ads = traffic. Traffic = money. By blocking ads on your phone, you save your traffic and as a result spend less money on your data plan.

Premium Support
We provide 24/7 assistance and ad blocking rules creation from our StopAd support team.

The StopAd story
Like you, we live online. We stream our music and movies. We pay our bills with a click instead of a stamp. We get status updates instead of voicemails.
However, over the last few years, we’ve noticed that being online has meant being watched, tracked, manipulated, scammed, and sold to. Traditional ad blockers were no longer enough to stop the thousands of ads we were seeing every day.

Instead of getting frustrated, we got to work. StopAd is the culmination of what we want in an ad blocker. We hope it’s what you want, too.

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StopAd – No-Root Ad Blocker v1.0.534 [Mod] / Mirror

StopAd – No-Root Ad Blocker v1.0.517 [Mod] / Mirror

StopAd – No-Root Ad Blocker v1.0.419 [Mod] / Mirror

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