SmartRace features:

  • Clear racing screen with all the important data for all drivers and cars.
  • Database for drivers, cars and tracks with photos and tracking of personal records.
  • Gathering of extensive statistical data with all driven laps, leader changes and pitstops in races and qualifyings.
  • Sharing, sending, saving and printing of results (depends on third party apps).
  • Speech output with the driver’s name for important events.
  • Ambient sounds to make the driving experience even more intensive and realistic.
  • Full support for the fuel feature with exact display of the current amount left in the fuel tank.
  • Straightforward setup for cars using sliders (speed, brake strength, fuel tank size).
  • Straightforward assignment for drivers and cars to controllers using drag & drop.
  • Assignment of individual colors to each controller for easy distinction.
  • Many configuration options for all segments of the app.
  • Fast and free support for all questions and issues.

SmartRace (aswell as the speech output) is entirely available in english. These languages are supported at the moment:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Dutch

Many, many improvements and additions!
All changes on – have fun!

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SmartRace for Carrera Digital
SmartRace for Carrera Digital
Developer: Unknown
Price: $11.99