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Shutter: Hide Screen and Secret Recorder have 3 main functionalities :
– Hide Screen
– Hide Recording
– Secret Recording

Hide Screen:

With hide screen, you can hide any ongoing screen on your phone anytime. With hide screen, you get a floating buttons on your mobile screen, clicking on the floating button a plain black screen with cover your original screen. You can use this feature to hide any of your important screen being viewed by others or use this screen to cover any ongoing activity like phone update to save battery because black screen uses low battery power.

Hide Recording :
With Hide Recording, you can record video secretly as a black screen with cover your recording screen. Using the floating button you can anytime cover your recording screen. Double tap the black screen to disable hide screen.

Secret Recording
Secret Recording does background recording without any preview and you can use your phone as normal and no one can tell you are recording. You can stop recording from stop button in notification.
You can do settings for video recording such as, select camera, flashlight on/off, audio source, vibrate on/off when start/stop recording, video orientation, video quality, video source, set duration for video, hide saved videos from phone gallery and set password to recorded videos.
You can play, rename, share and delete secret recorded videos. If you have set password to secret recorded videos, then no one can access those videos without password.

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