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You need a photograph to illustrate your article? Or any screenshot picture to show off your gaming achievements

But not everyone knows how to capture phone screen. But through screen capture application for Android will guide you to take pictures in 14 different screen capture ways. Helping capture your phone screen

Normally, you always take power button to take a screenshot. However, if you use more will cause your power button is not work, and you want to take a screenshot without the power button, then just use our screenshot without power button application

How to take a screenshot:

– Press both of the “Power” and “Volume” button 2 seconds
– Press both of the “Power” and “Home” button 2 seconds
– Screenshot app in notification toggle
– Using these buttons on your phone
– Press the search bar a moment
– Screenshot shortcut, screenshot one touch on phone
– Using Widget, screenshot capture for android by touch
– Screenshot capture for android by shaking

Features of screenshot apps for android without pressing button:

– Supports screen capture simple and fast
– Multiple screen capture features, shortcut screenshot button on screen
– Supports most models phone
– Support both of phones and tablets, screen capture shortcut free
– Edit screenshots, gesture screenshot
– Save screenshots in private folders
– Dozens of different photographing
– Helps screen shot captures without power button, shortcuts, help touch with screen capture…
– Share screenshots
– Free

Rating 5* if you like the app for taking screenshot without using power button

What’s New

  •  Fixes display ads after payment
  •  Bug fix is not in the game floating button
  •  Fix bug delete Photo


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