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S8 NavBar theme for Substratum theme engine.

Theme includes 2 variants now! Normal and small sized navbar icons to choose from!

This theme requires root (for older substratum and legacy ROMS) and substratum theme engine. If you do not have any of those, please do not install the theme as it might not work for you!

Make sure you read the FAQ below before reporting problem/rating low

This theme works in:
• Requires Marshmallow or above
• OMS ROM (Custom roms with OMS commits E.G: Dirty Unicorn, PureNexus,. etc)
• Legacy ROM (Custom ROMS without OMS, Stock nexus ROMS)

How to install theme:
1. Open S8 NavBar theme in substratum app
2. Select the navbar variant (normal/small size)
3. Select System UI Navigation overlay
4. Select Build and apply from the Floating action button

Q.The theme does not apply
A. Make sure your ROM has substratum support and substratum theme engine is installed.

Q.The theme applies but I cannot see the new Navigation bar!
A. Make sure no other theme/overlay which changes the navigation bar is installed. If installed, please uninstall the overlay or change the priority in substratum theme engine(lowest in list is highest priority)

Q.I get a message saying “This theme is unauthorized to be used on this device’s setup”. why?
A. It is the anti-piracy protection. Uninstall any piracy supporting apps (Luckypatcher, freedom etc), clear data of substratum and apply theme again.

Q.I get a message saying “This copy of S8 NavBar is not licensed!”.
A. Make sure you have bought the theme and its not refunded/cancelled. It must be installed from play store and not sideloaded.

Q.I have substratum but still the theme seems broken
A. I’m sorry about it. You can mail me at .

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Added normal and small variants to choose from!


  • [Substratum]S8 Navbar Screenshot
  • [Substratum]S8 Navbar Screenshot
  • [Substratum]S8 Navbar Screenshot
  • [Substratum]S8 Navbar Screenshot


S8 Navbar Substratum theme v2.4.1 [Patched] / Mirror

Older Version

S8 Navbar Substratum theme v2.1[Patched] / Mirror

S8 Navbar Substratum theme v2.0 [Patched] / Mirror