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Ready For Reddit 

Ready is designed to make browsing Reddit content a breeze. Standout features like auto-playing gifs/videos in feed, quick top comment previews in feed, double tap to vote make browsing faster than any other app.

Offline/Spotty Connection Support

You can continue voting, saving, replying, etc even while offline. Your actions with be queued to be reattempted in the background once you reconnect. You can also setup prefetching your favourite subreddits so they are available even when offline.

Inline Link Previews

You can see a small preview of image/gif content links without opening the link

Quick Comments Preview

Do you ever open post just to check the top comments? I do so I added a feature to quickly do that without having to click into the post and wait for it to load all the comments. Just click on the comment count and you can get a quick preview of the top comments.

Autoplay Gifs and Videos Directly In Feed

Another feature that reduces that amount of times you have to navigate to another screen is the ability to play gifs and videos directly in the feed.

Auto-updating, user-curated filter packs

This is a must have. Hate that you got a movie or television show spoiled? Tired of filtering new political subs that keep popping up? You aren’t going to be able to keep up with all of it. Here is where auto-updating, user-curated filter packs solve your problem. They are filter packs that you can subscribe to that anyone can create. Ready will automatically check for updates to your filters packs.

Other features include:

• Double tap to upvote, triple tap to downvote
• Inline link previews in comments
• Support for subreddit icons and banners
• Prefetch data when device asleep and connected to wifi
• Automatically refresh comments
• Light themes, dark themes, AMOLED, etc
• Card view, list view, compact list view, etc
• Replacing gifs with Gfycat to save bandwidth
• Comment thread navigation
• Multireddit support
• Multiuser support
• Inline table support
• Spoiler tag support
• and more…

Ready sources content from Reddit that is user submitted. Check Reddit’s Content Policy to make sure you are satisfied with their type of content.

Ready for Reddit is an unofficial app. Reddit and the Reddit alien logo, trademark and trade dress are registered trademarks owned by Reddit Inc.

What’s New:

  • Version 2.5.0
  • Added some stuff to prepare for 3.0 update
  • Fixed crash issue for some YouTube videos
  • Fixed crash issue on enter/exit app
  • Fixed crash when trying to preview some comments/selfposts

Mod Info:

  • Paid Features Unlocked


  • Ready For Reddit - Material 2.0 Screenshot
  • Ready For Reddit - Material 2.0 Screenshot
  • Ready For Reddit - Material 2.0 Screenshot
  • Ready For Reddit - Material 2.0 Screenshot
  • Ready For Reddit - Material 2.0 Screenshot

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