Remove Unwanted object from photo is an app that offers you all the tools you need to efficiently remove unwanted content from your photos.

With only a few touches of your fingers, all blemishes and distracting objects simply vanish from your photos.
Key Feature of Magic Touchretouch eraser Photo object remover
Easy to Use object eraser
Erase image wires and posts, power lines.
Erase pimples and skin blemishes.
Erase human-made objects like stop lights, street signs, trash cans.
Erase surface breaks and scratches — both straight and curved
Erase whatever you feel is spoiling your photo
You can Undo, Redo your object if you want
Quick eraser and Fine Rmover Options are available for content remover
Easy to use and understand able
Removing Objects with Content-Aware Fill and Patch in
Photo editor remove objects
Remove object of any photos
Remove objects from pictures
Object eraser on photo
Photo object eraser
Remove people from photo
Eraser tool for photos
Delete objects in photo
Remove objects from video
Removal element in photo
Object Remover Tools :
1-No unwanted objects – no distractions
2-Selective Adjustments: Make local tonal and color corrections
3-Tone&Color; Give your pictures a proper look
4-Move Me Let: objects travel around your photos
5-Filters: Insufflate your mood into your photos
6-Textures: Add depth and richness to your photos
7-Magic Crop: Explore the unknown with Magic Crop
Remove Object – touch Erase is an app that gives you all the tools you need to effectively and instantly eliminate unwanted content from photos on your smartphone.
Quick Erase Photo – Touch and retouch or remove free alternative to touch remove, by One-touch repair Removing small objects quickly and Eliminate distractions from your photos.Remove object gets rid of pimples and blemishes from your selfies.Remove or change background image and add background photo quickly.
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  • Remove Object - Touch Eraser Screenshot
  • Remove Object - Touch Eraser Screenshot
  • Remove Object - Touch Eraser Screenshot
  • Remove Object - Touch Eraser Screenshot
  • Remove Object - Touch Eraser Screenshot

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