MT Manager 2

MT Manager 2 for Android devices

– Root operations
– Batch operations (delete, copy, move, rename)
– Batch Rename
– Different types of selection
– Bookmark
– Editing rights
– Creating links
– Viewing images
– Translator Dex
– Dex editor
– ARSC editor
– Translator .xml
– ZIP Archiver
– Select level of compression
– Remote control
– Select color in recources/colors
– Optimize APK
– Sign APK
– Opening Manifest.MF
– Support otg
– Online translator Baidu
– 25 languages in the translator
– Comparison of checksum
– Background operations
– Syntax highlighting in DEX
– Configuring text editor in DEX
– Search in DEX editor
– Tooltips in the DEX editor etc

– Speed ​​and stability of access to the server are significantly improved
– Automatically highlights all search results when searching in a text editor
– Added buttons to delete and rename in the side menu (bookmarks and projects)
– Added a new way to remove classes (by long pressing two classes under the same package name) dex ++
– Added auto signature feature
– Significantly improved file processing speed and signature APK
– Support for creating and extracting encrypted zip
– Translation mode automatically filters out some unnecessary text (for example, URL)
– Support for using MT in VirtualXposed
– Added warning about the need to create a complex password



MT Manager v2.11.5 APK / Mirror

MT Manager v2.9.6 APK / Mirror