Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is an application that allows users to edit parts of applications. The application needs to be granted certain privileges for normal use and is suitable for an experienced audience in this area. At the same time, there are many aspects to the functionality of the application, one of which is the smooth and comfortable use of the application.

Experience the Editing Features of the App

If you want to use it for free but hate limitations, Lucky Patcher is the choice that meets your needs. The functionality of this application is easy to understand if it helps remove the application’s limiting factors such as ads and in-app purchases. At the same time, it disrupts the resource mechanism of the game you’re playing, helping you get more resources in the game. It is a feature mentioned above and impacts the user experience. You can easily get these items from there. If you don’t know how to change these items, there are plenty of videos to help you out. The change process doesn’t take long, but it’s not trivial with the list of operations your application is supposed to perform. Therefore, you should refer to it often.

No problems with ads, in-app purchases, and maximizing resources

When you edit the desired application, a message board will appear to indicate whether the selected function was successful. Then tap “Uninstall original app” to install the edited app directly into the editing app itself.You may need to wait a few seconds for the application to launch.You will feel the effect immediately and feel comfortable using it. increase.

Give some permissions to the application to operate

When using Lucky Patcher, you need to adjust some permissions of the application to make the editing process more convenient. However, the permission levels are very different and easy to understand. One of them is that the device needs to be rooted. Rooting a device is no longer a new feature if you want to break into some of the device’s features. At the same time, a certain modding ability is also required. So don’t take risks without knowledge.

Move some apps to SD card

Authorize apps to experience some of the advanced features. You can move apps to SD card. You can’t follow standard logic to move an app to an SD card, but on heavily tampered devices things are different. You can quickly move between any applications and make the saving process more stable.

Lucky Patcher 2

Convert APP to System APP and Ensure Security

If you use your favorite apps frequently, you don’t want them to be corrupted, so Lucky Patcher offers a solution. This application allows you to turn any user application into a system application. You can also use the app’s backup feature to save information about things you use frequently. From there, you can easily reuse previously saved data.

How to remove license of any app:

  • Open your app drawer on your android device and open the lucky patcher app. A list of apps installed in your phone will appear.
  • Next click on the app you want to remove permissions.
  • Then Click Open Menu of Patches => Remove License Verification => Auto Modes => Apply

How to remove ads:

  • Follow steps 1 and 2 mentioned under the heading “How to remove License Of Any App”.
  • Then Click Open Menu of Patches => Remove Google Ads => Patch to remove Google Ads => Apply.

However, the processing of this app Lucky Patcher takes some time on slower devices, thus one needs to be patient about it.


~ Updated Modded GooglePlay to 33.0.16;
~ Updated translations.


Lucky Patcher 3

Lucky Patcher 4


Lucky Patcher v10.5.1 APK / Mirror

Lucky Patcher v10.4.5 APK / Mirror

Lucky Patcher v10.3.8 APK / Mirror