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kraken tv

Kraken tv offers live tv channels from America Spain Mexico

his app is very easy to use and is a click and play apk and as soon as we find our channel just click the channel and if it is working it will stream instantly.
This apk also has channels from the 24/7 streams which are Spanish by default. It also has an option to bookmark or use the love heart next to your channel list to add as a favorite.
The apk also does offer a premium section of channels which is for your adult content, if for any reason you would like to block this then you can visit the hamburger menu of the apk and use the parental control options which will allow you to set up a password of your choice.
So if you are Spanish speaking and like to watch sports, entertainment kids tv music tv news channels and adult then this will be a good app to use.
On testing, this apk most channels were working as of typing.


Like I said last time this is very difficult to mod now, maybe a better modder can take a look.ADS should be removed,nothing else was touched, Adblocker detection will still be present because this is becoming so hard for me to do. This is a requestand I’m happy to fill it but please don’t complain if it is not working for you.

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Kraken TV v1.5.4 [Mod] / Mirror

Kraken TV v1.5.4 [UnTouched] / Mirror

Older Version

Kraken TV v1.5.2 [Mod] / Mirror

Kraken TV v1.5.0 [Mod] / Mirror

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