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iSwift is a minimalistic CM theme for the COS & CM13 theme engine. iSwift can give your Android device an iOS theme look, so if this is what you are looking for you came to the right place. Some apps perfectly mimics the design, and can give you the iPhone theme feeling all day long.

Important notice: This cm theme supports CM13 theme engine exclusively. It won’t work on CM12.

Themed apps

• AOSP Keyboard
• Browser
• CM Filemanager
• CM Music
• Calculator
• Contacts
• Dialer
• Facebook
• Facebook Messenger
• Gmail
• Google Inbox
• Google Keep
• Google Messenger
• Google Music
• Google Plus
• Hangouts
• Messaging
• Play Store
• Settings
• SystemUI
• WhatsApp
• Youtube


Question: Will you add support for CM14?
Answer: Yes. I will add support for CM14 theme engine as soon as it’s released and implemented. There is obviously no time frame as of now.

Important notice about ROM support

This cm theme fully supports CyanogenMod (only the CM13 theme engine) and COS13 ( Cyanogen OS ) which is natively installed on YU Yureka & Yutopia together with Zuk Z1 and OnePlus One. Custom ROMs with the CM theme engine included, for exemple Dirty Unicorns, Paranoid Android ( PA ) and Resurrection Remix, are supported but there might be issues as I can’t keep track of all commits everywhere.


Settings: Added missing OnePlus 3 settings icons.
Settings: Fixed account force close.
SystemUI: Updated navigation bar buttons.
SystemUI: Updated navigation bar background color.
Please leave a rating or review if you like the theme. And don’t hesitate to send me an email if you have a feature request, or if you need to report something. Thanks to all of you!


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iSwift for an iOS theme look v1.4 / Mirror

iSwift for an iOS theme look v1.3