Professional app for eBook reading. 300,000 online eBooks: Genuine,Cheap and No Advertisement. Bestsellers , Hot novels: The Kite Runner, A Tale of Two Cities; Magic novels: One Hundred Years of Solitude; Hardcover novels: Jude the Obscure;Featured comics: Sunshine in my heart.

■ professional e-book reader
■ Excellent cloud library
■ Powerful mobile library
■ million online books: genuine, low-cost, no advertising

■ Powerful, simple but not simple

Unique typesetting: comparable to the layout of paper books
Screen rotation: vertical and horizontal screen free switch, like how to see on how to see
Format support: PDF / EPUB / TXT / MOBI / UMD, up to format support
More languages: The latest 12 languages ​​are only for your ultimate experience
Simplified and Traditional switch: from Simplified to Traditional, only a key distance
Auto-break chapter: intelligently analyze TXT documents and sort out chapter directories
Blu-ray Eye: Eye function filter screen Blu-ray, comfortable reading
Animated page: 4 kinds of pages to protect your personalized way of reading
Auto-Read: Auto-Read liberates your hands
Automatic synchronization: automatic synchronization of reading progress, cloud notes
Beautiful interface: interface is simple, easy to operate, full without advertising
LIBRARY MANAGEMENT: Manage your books like drag-and-drop desktop icons
Wireless transmission of books: a LAN can be wireless transmission of books, no data lines

■ Unparalleled PDF reading experience
Import PDF documents from any program that supports “Sharing”
Share PDF files with your friends
Support for labeling PDF documents
PDF read progress is automatically stored

■ Enjoy millions of books

■ service intimate
All the questions have a detailed answer, the reading should be comfortable.

■ online e-book rich, insist on genuine is our unremitting pursuit

Network Original novel:

President, fantasy, fantasy, urban, Xian Xia, romance, youth,
School, suspense, reasoning, supernatural, history, military, games,
Science fiction, martial arts, thriller horror, colleagues

Popular author:

Tricky, Tang three little, I eat tomatoes, potatoes,
Chen East, Fresh fruit fruit, Ming Xiao River, the second generation of fish, Xiao Ding,
The world Pa sing, South sent Uncle


Shenma, Jinjiang and other 25 famous novels station navigation!

■ Tips:
If you install the CM Security Cheetah’s security tools, you need to be ireader added to the white list, to prevent the CM Security cheetah clean-up master to clean up the depth of your downloaded books.


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