** NOTE: Root Required **
If you do not have root, or you do not know what root is, this app will not work for you.

History Cleaner Pro is the most powerful history and cache cleaning tool for Androids, and the only one designed for rooted phones. It uses root access to clear the data of countless apps such as Firefox, Chrome, Dolphin Browser, and YouTube (see below for a full list). This is unlike every other history cleaning app which can only clear what Android normally allows (call history, clipboard, google play searches, etc). History Cleaner Pro clears history, caches, residual files, and more in order to free up space and memory, protect your privacy, and keep your phone running snappy and bloat free.

In addition to being powerful, it is also easy to use. To simply clear a few items, just check them and press the button to do so. If there are a few items you want to clear frequently, you have the option to create shortcuts on your homescreen that can clear customizable lists of items in just one click. For advanced users who want total control, there is even Tasker support for virtually endless customization.

★ Clears over 50 different items with new ones continually added
★ View data to be cleared (supported by most, but not all items)
★ Profile support for saving lists of selected items
★ Homescreen shortcuts for one-click clearing
★ Tasker support for virtually unlimited customization

Supported Items:
★ All Application Caches
★ Default Android Browser (History)
★ Clipboard
★ Clipper (Saved Clipboards)
★ Clipper Plus (Saved Clipboards)
★ Frequent Contacts
★ Google Play (Search History)
★ Call History
★ SMS History (Jelly Bean and below)
★ Adobe Reader (Recently Viewed)
★ Amazon (Viewed Products)
★ Chrome (Cache, Cookies, History, Local Storage, Open Tabs)
★ Chrome Beta (Cache, Cookies, History, Local Storage, Open Tabs)
★ Dictionary.com (Word History)
★ Dolphin Browser (Cache, Cookies, Downloads, History, Local Storage, Open Tabs)
★ Dolphin Browser Mini (Cache, Cookies, History, Local Storage)
★ eBay (Search History)
★ Firefox (Cache, Cookies, History, Local Storage, Open Tabs)
★ Firefox Beta (Cache, Cookies, History, Local Storage, Open Tabs)
★ Firefox Nightly (Cache, Cookies, History, Local Storage, Open Tabs)
★ Gmail (Search History)
★ Google Calendar (Search History)
★ IMDb (History, Search Suggestions)
★ Lightning Browser (Cache, Cookies, History, Local Storage)
★ Lightning Browser Plus (Cache, Cookies, History, Local Storage)
★ Maxthon Browser (Cache, Cookies, History)
★ Merriam-Webster (Recent Words)
★ ONE Browser(Cache, Cookies, History, Local Storage)
★ Settings Searches (Lollipop and above)
★ Waze (History)
★ Wikipedia – Official (History)
★ Yelp (Searches, Viewed Places)
★ Youtube (Searches)
★ …and more are always being added!

Also, History Cleaner Pro is open source and released under the simplified BSD license. The source code and more information can be found here: https://github.com/JohnNPhillips/HistoryCleanerPro

Contact: [email protected] or http://www.ayros.com/contact/

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What’s New

  • Temporarily removed Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) support due to SELinux problems


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