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This Hidden Camera Detector easily detect hidden camera and microphones. It allows its users to detect hidden camera and microphone just by using an android phone. Hidden Camera Detector is the solution to privacy. It is free to download and is a great option to detect hidden camera. It detect hidden devices easily.

If the reading is stuck at very high then you just have to shake the phone in an 8-figure shape to get it working again. This magnetic field sensor is must to run Hidden Camera Detector. This way anyone with android phone having magnetic field sensor can detect hidden camera and microphone easily. The feature that detect hidden devices is also helpful in finding devices that are lost or hidden.
How to use:
1- Hidden Camera Detection is done by just moving your phone around. When the Hidden Camera Detector beeps it means you have to check the area for suspected devices. This way you can save yourself from being spied.
2- Manual Hidden Camera Detection is done by a set of tips and tricks for Bathroom, Bedroom and Changing Rooms etc.
* Manual Detection
* Detection through magnetic field detector
* Detect Hidden camera with just one click
* Detect Electronic Devices
This Hidden Camera Detector is the best anti spy bug app which can also be used as electronic bug detector. This allows you to find spy bugs and cams around you. Detecting Hidden Camera was never that easy. Hidden Camera Detector lets you detect hidden Devices around you so that no one can spy you.
Whether you stay in hotels or public places there is a huge change that someone might be spying on you. By using this Hidden Camera Detector app you can be sure and easily detect hidden cameras and microphones.
The reading of this anti spy bug may vary depending on the sensor and environment.
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