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Hearing Aid Wifi app converts your phone into well hearing ear over distance upto 50 meters and Distance may change according to quality of your Wifi Routor and Hearing Aid Wifi broadcasts audio from distance device’s mic to second mobile phone as smoothly and amplified by using Wifi Technology and TCP protocols and many linux based android mobile phones are produced by internal amplification limiters but Hearing Aid Wifi app removes this amplification limit using Wifi Tcp protocols and you get smooth and amplified voice in your mobile phone.

Usage enviroments

* Aim of helping people who have problem in hearing by locating your first mobile near “the wanted to hear area” and listen broadcasted amplified audio in your second mobile headphones.

* Aim of Watching Tv by listening its audio over distance in your mobile headphones as smooth and amplified.
You do not have a any need for cables over distance to get enhanced music pleasure any more. Just by placing your first mobile phone near Tv and get broadcasted audio in your over-distance-mobile-headphones.

* you can broadcast surveillance conversations to second mobile phone to help law enforcement officers gather and store information.

How to use app;

Open your app and wait for automatically connection to your default Wifi router. Click on the Hearing Aid button and On the top of app will be shown your mobile phone IP address and write second “remote mic” mobile phones’s IP address that is on the top into your mobile “remote device ip address” area and do not forget to write as well default port that is 8080. After you finished by your mobile phone. In your second “remote mic” mobile phone, please write your mobile IP and 8080 port address into “remote device ip address” area. And then in your mobile phone hold on
My phone button and in you second mobile phone hold on the Remote Mic button.and the broadcasting audio will be begun to your mobile phone and For avoding echoes, you must use headphones. By clicking amplification button, you can control amplification of the audio.
App features;
*Special permissons are used to record audio, to access internet and for activating Wifi.

*1:1 Audio transmission.
* High audio quality
* Range is long in open area.
* NO Ads
* Modifying Amplification by seekbar

Privacy Notice:
We do not, nor do we have any desire to, spy on you.
We do not collect or store any information about the users of this application. Once you download it, it runs on your phone and never communicates with our servers.

This app makes sounds amplified. Use common sense and caution. When you download and install this software, you agree that you are going to use this application on your own risk. In no event shall developer be liable for any damages including personal injuries and health damage caused by using this application Please consult your doctor before using this application.

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  • Hearing Aid Ultimate Remote Screenshot
  • Hearing Aid Ultimate Remote Screenshot
  • Hearing Aid Ultimate Remote Screenshot
  • Hearing Aid Ultimate Remote Screenshot
  • Hearing Aid Ultimate Remote Screenshot
  • Hearing Aid Ultimate Remote Screenshot
  • Hearing Aid Ultimate Remote Screenshot
  • Hearing Aid Ultimate Remote Screenshot