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This app is intended to aid in testing & development of GPS related apps, but can also be useful in avariety of other situations. For example, if your GPS readings are inaccurate this app can help work around that. Or, it can be used tosave battery life without completely disabling your Location settings.

– Fake, mock, or spoof your GPS coordinates to any location.
– Simple, intuitive user interface with integrated map andsearch.
– The best spoofing algorithm in existence.

Many additional features such as:
– Customizable GPS parameters.
– Support for rooted device & mock location disabled.
– Simulated walking mode

General Usage:
1. Tap the map once at your desired location and then click the”Play” button to start spoofing.
2. For best results set Location mode to DEVICE ONLY and disableWi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning.

When using *ANY* GPS spoofing app there’s a chance you may experience rubber banding, or jumping back and forth between yourreal location and the spoofed location. I’ve added somefunctionality to try to fix rubber banding; it’s working on manydevices, but not all. I’ll continue to research this problem andtry to make improvements.


The app was not found in the store. 🙁


Fake GPS Controller Pro v1.8 / Alternative Link

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