Facets delivers every piece from Australian artist Justin Maller’s year long “image per day” project directly to your phone.

PLEASE NOTE – Facets is NOT a curated app – we do not simply find cool images and repost them. Every single piece was made by Justin as part of his year long art project. As such, when you buy this App it comes complete with all 365 pieces. It will not be updated with more “months” unless Justin embarks on another year long endeavour (maybe in the future!). To be clear – this App SHIPS COMPLETE. Regular artwork updates are NOT part of it’s scope.

We will continue to push updates out once a year with whatever Justin makes annually. Please do NOT expect constant updates – we do not promise them, and they WILL NOT come.

Permissions Explanations:
android.permission.INTERNET – to download all the great artwork.
android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE – to make sure you’re online.
android.permission.SET_WALLPAPER – to actually set the wallpaper, duh!
android.permission.READ(WRITE)_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – to store facet locally for wallpaper intent creation
android.permission.WAKE_LOCK – added for Muzei support!


The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Downloads : PREMIUM wallpaers unlocked

Facets with Muzei Premium v2.0 Cracked Apk / Mirror