EZ Disabler is the best and safest app to disable any packages on your Samsung with no root required. It means all the unwanted applications that come pre-installed on your phone can now be marked unavailable from running and updating.

Usages :
– Disable pre-installed bloatware
– Improve battery life and phone performance
– View cardboard apps on Gear VR headset *
– Disable tracking app to keep your personal or corporate info stay secure
– Hide apps
– And many others…

* To view cardboard app on Gear VR headset, disable the package “Gear VR Service”. Re-enable it when you want to use the default Gear VR app again.

Why choose EZ Disabler :
– We have excellent track record of working on Android with 10 millions of users worldwide. Our apps have been featured on Google Play Homepage and many popular tech sites.
– EZ Disabler is the ONLY app that provides descriptions for every pre-installed packages, so you can quickly decide whether or not to disable a suspect application.
– EZ Disabler is the most feature-rich and most up-to-date package disabler app that is nice and easy-to-use.

Main features :
– Disable/enable any package
– Show descriptions of system packages
– Warn before a critical package is disabled
– See how packages are consuming RAM in background
– Highly customised widgets
– Automate disabling/enabling tasks
– Support Tasker/Locale/MacroDroid

Other useful features :
– Show lists of only disabled/enabled or running packages
– Searching, grouping and pinning favourite packages to top
– Save/load package lists to/from xml files
– Setup app lock to prevent unauthorised access
– Uninstall, clear data, stop and launch any packages
– And many others…

Please enable all packages, even apps that you consider bloatware before a system update.
– The easy way to uninstall this debloat software is to open the app, tap on the hamburger button at the top left corner and tap on “Uninstall this app”.
– If you still have problems with uninstalling, try deactivate admin access of this package disabler by going to “SETTINGS” -> “SECURITY” -> DEVICE ADMINISTRATOR -> Disable admin access for “EZ Disabler”.

EZ Disabler is a powerful app that lets you modify the critical part of Android system. Therefore, you should be careful before disabling any package as it might lead to device malfunction. You should backup your data and only disable packages which are sure will not cause any trouble to the system. Although we did our best effort to help you minimise the risk, we hold no responsibility for any damage you may cause.

If you have any questions, feedback or you can help to translate this package disabler app into your language, please send an email to “[email protected]”.

To request a refund, simply send your order number to the same email above.

For business enquiry regarding this package disabler app, please visit our website http://hecorat.com for more information.

What’s New

  • Sorry folks, due to Samsung requests and for safety reasons, we have to continue removing some packages relating to system update. We know you love your Samsung but here are the removed packages :
  •  com.wssyncmldm
  •  com.sec.android.fotaclient
  •  com.ws.dm
  •  com.samsung.sdm
  •  com.sec.android.soagent


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