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Droid Backup lets you easily backup your phone’s Call logs, SMS, Contacts as well as installed apps. You can also schedule backups at regular time, and all backups are stored in your phone’s SD card/Internal storage. Therefore, anytime you want to change your phone, perform a factory reset or ROM update, just save the “DroidBackup” folder from your SD card and hit restore to get your Contacts, SMS (MMS backup is not supported), Call logs and Apps setup just the way you had them last time.
– Separate backup interfaces and individual schedulers makes maintaining backups a breeze. Here are some of the exciting features of Droid Backup:
– Easy to use dashboard with last backup and schedule indicators.
– Individual backup, restore and schedule interfaces.
– Keeps a track of Last Backup performed.
– Multiple unlimited backups with no restriction.
– Notification on backup completion.
– Batch Backup, Restore and Delete
– Batch Scheduler
Batch Tools allow to operate on all backups simultaneously. Using batch Backup you can backup contacts, messages, calls and apps all in one go, and through batch Restore get them back anytime. You can delete all previous backups through batch Delete and also Schedule multiple backups all through a very handy interface.
1. Only APK files are backed-up, app data is not saved. For that you can copy the Android folder from SD card/Internal storage.
2. Only contacts with Phone numbers are saved.

What’s New

  •  Bug Fixes


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