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DetectIT Hidden Device and Camera Detector PRO allows you to find hidden devices and cameras in your surroundings either by the use of Camera Detector feature of this app or by sensing the magnetic field of the electronic device.

DetectIT Hidden Camera and Device Detector can also be used as a hidden camera detector.

– Detect Infrared device with camera detector and locator.
– If you see a white light which you cannot see with naked eye it may be an infrared camera.
– Detect hidden electronic devices by their magnetic field.
– Move your phone around in your surroundings; it will beep if there is a device.
– This app can also be used as a metal detector.
– Your phone will beep if it encounters a metal object.

Hidden Camera Detector and Device Detector PRO allows you to change the sensitivity of the readings. If you are getting high reading even when you are not close to any device you can just decrease the sensitivity. Or if you are getting too low reading you can increase the sensitivity as per your needs.

What’s New

  • Changes in Layout
  • Feedback Option
  • Updated Algorithm
  • Now you can adjust sensitivity of device detector
  • Added zooming feature in IR Camera Detector
  • Added instructions in Device Detector
  • Improved Layout


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