Deep Cleaner Phone Booster
Deeply clean your smartphone to save your space and boost & speed up your android phones and tablets.

Cache Clean
Delete Apps cache to reclaim memory storage and improve the performance of your android device.

APP Manager
Uninstall unwanted apps or bloatware.
At the same time clean the the junk and residual files on the the SD Card of the uninstalled apps.

Clean SD Card Download Folder
Scan and list all the files of SD Card download folder.
User can select and clean junk files to save more space.

Clean SD Card Big Files
Scan and list all the big files of SD Card. ( size > 10 MB)
User can select and clean junk files to save more space.

Deep Cleaner is simple to use and super-fast with smooth UI.
Deep Cleaner helps to clean android junk files like cache & residual files, boost your phone memory and CPU.
Deep Cleaner is a free, supper-cleaning tool and phone booster for android system and SD Card.

What’s New

  • APK files scan and clean
  • Fixed layout
  • Fixed bugs of some apps’s residual files
  • Improve performance
  • SDCard big files clean


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