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Camera Starter Pro is a starter for foto and video camera apps. It lists your installed camera apps and permits you to start them quickly. So you don’t need to search for them or have multiple camera app icons on your home screen. It can enable your system camera if needed and can be installed on the SDCard. Download it now!


Internet Access:
Needed for completely anonymous usage statistics. Usage statistics can be disabled.

USB storage access:
Needed for writing the settings file.

What’s New

  • Improved: Better search algorithm for camera apps
  • New: Long press on a camera app opens the settings page of the app
  • New: Replaced the old design with Material Design and ultra high resolution images
  • New: Introduced the new permission model of Android 6
  • Improved: Reduced the app size
  • Changed: Removed unnecessary permissions and added new ones
  • Changed: Updated internal libraries to the newest versions
  • Improved: Improved app information, developer information and legal information.


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