Callistics - Data usage, Calls

Callistics – Data usage, Calls

Here’s your data manager, calls and message tracking app for you — Callistics – call statistics and data usage.

Callistics is a virtual mobile manager app that helps you to track call logs, SMS logs, and data usages on your mobile more efficiently than your mobile’s in-built advanced logbook features. In addition to basic record keeping support, the app will function as an improved virtual data uses and call log monitor with its advanced features like specific day chart, number of incoming and outgoing calls and SMS for day, Wi-Fi and roaming data usage in total or per application, and many more features that will assist you in understanding and impose full control on your call statistics and data uses.

Application features :
On installation, the app Callistics will offer its users a bunch of utility features to make their life simpler and well organized in terms of mobile and internet use. Take a look at the prime features of the mobile manager app:
• Simple but attractive user interface powered by creative material design,
• Dual SIM Support: enables control your calls and messages on both SIM cards,
• Easy to view: You don’t need to open application to see your expense,
• Comprehensive views: Information are visualized on calls, messages and data usage charts,
• Usages details available via summary screen: Get an overview of calls, messages and data usage on   one page: you can customize the log view for a specific date as well as for specific time,
• You can view list of contacts ordered by number of call minutes or messages,
• You can check list of application ordered by data usage,
• You may mark excluded (ignored) numbers list (calls where you have free calls and free messages)…and many more features for your best convenience.

This application Callistics works for any mobile carrier around all the world for example Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, Airtel, Beeline, Free mobile, Turkcell, AT&T, SK Telecom, TELCEL, KT, Verizon Wireless, Verizon, TIM, I WInd, SFR and more.


Groups of contacts
Data usage statistics improvement


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