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Please note that this application does not work with certain kind of handsets or lead to inferior quality of the voice recording, we strongly recommend to use our free version before purchasing the paid application.

If free version does not work for your phone – don’t waste your money for buying Pro!

Call Recorder Pro Application has two main mechanism of recording calls:
a) Automatic Recording
b) Manual Recording

Automatic Recording : Any incoming or outgoing calls are automatically recorded and are accessible to user in INBOX folder of the application. In case user wants not to record any particular contacts, he can do so by adding contact details in “contacts to ignore” setting of the application.

Manual Recording: At the end of incoming or outgoing calls, user will be prompted to save the recorded call or not, in case he chooses to save then recorded call is accessible to user in INBOX folder of the application. For all those calls which user wants to automatically record in manual mode can be done by adding contact details in “contacts to record”. In manual mode user can record any call in between if he chooses an option in “settings->Record by notification click” which is mutually exclusive from option “settings->Show Dialog box”.

-All recorded calls in INBOX folder are saved till the limit value(configuration part of settings) is reached after that roll over is done. Any recorded call in INBOX folder can be move to SAVED folder such that this recording can always be accessible for user, if it is important for you.
-Notification mechanism is available for being notified for call recording, configurable using settings.
-Sharing of any recorded call part of INBOX or SAVED folder on various social applications like what sup, Gmail, drive, Bluetooth etc..
-Voice recordings are also possible using this application.
-Delete of any recorded call can be done.

Interestingly application does sync on Google Drive or Dropbox so that you can use it anywhere you want. This happens in two ways :
a) By automatic mechanism
b) By manual sync
In automatic mechanism application will sync without user intervention but user can choose the type of network for allowing operations to complete.
In manual mechanism sync happens only when user selects an option to sync.


Minor fix for listing of recordings date wise


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Call Recorder Pro v1.2 / Mirror