BeeMovie is great for watching the latest trending movies, but it’s also of particular interest among fans of the Asian film market due to new releases available within this app. An added bonus is that it’ll also play your own locally stored videos.

BeeMovie has two very different main tabs. The TV tab has TV shows divided up into categories for streaming like: Hot Movies, KDrama, China and Latest Movies. The other main tab is exclusively centered on sexually explicit content from Asia. For each video you play there is also a ‘Download’ button so you can store it directly on your smartphone. That said, you probably won’t be needing to download most videos as the option to stream them works like a charm, and downloading is only an available option when streaming isn’t working well or if your file isn’t immediately loading.

In terms of locally stored videos, you choose whether to watch straight from your smartphone’s internal memory or external SD-card. That way you’ll have no trouble finding your multimedia files. You can even select your files to erase them or fast forward and rewind within videos. It’s very simple.

Speaking of simplicity, this app has a super intuitive interface that really does play videos smoothly. Enjoy your movies, TV shows, or homemade videos with this tool and avoid the messy hassle of dealing with incompatible video files.




BeeMovie App v8.4.2.1001 / Mirror

BeeMovie App v7.8.0.1001 / Mirror