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Battery Protector, Fix Battery will fix battery problems and make Android OS see your real battery capacity allowing it to be charged to its real full capacity.

You feel your battery life using reduced compared with the beginning? Charging is slower, you can not use your phone for long time? Some other condition are slow and need to be repair! When you got a virtual battery and some problems happen, Battery Protector, Fix Battery Stronger will help you fix the problem here and now! The app will help you restore the original state of the battery, find and correct all errors occurred during use.
♥ Real time battery level, battery temperature, battery voltage
♥ Protect battery from harmful
♥ Fix battery problems
♥ Fast charger mode help battery charger faster.
♥ This battery protector also help battery saver
♥ Make battery lift longer and running better
♥ Simple using with nice UI
♥ Tracking charging process easy
♥ Filter power charger suitable to your battery
Battery Protector, Fix Battery that can protect battery and make battery life longer, save battery


  • Battery Protector, Fix Battery & Fast Charging Screenshot
  • Battery Protector, Fix Battery & Fast Charging Screenshot