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AppBlock is an application that allows you to lock your applications to focus on your work and increase your focus. Various functions allow you to balance work and play time. At the same time, you can also configure additional settings and application usage profiles to optimize your application usage. In fact, if you use the application for work or play, you won’t ignore the stats.

Block unavailable apps

A feature that users will find in AppBlock is the ability to set a period of time during which an application cannot use the available application. Once this block is set, the associated app cannot be used until the previously set appropriate period has elapsed. So with this particular feature, you will be more productive and avoid too many distracting and irrelevant issues.


Focus improves performance

Application blocking performed by AppBlock is applied in a variety of ways. You can choose which apps to block for specific hours. Therefore, it’s completely impossible to access them, so you can just disable the locking feature, but most of the time you’ll be focusing on other things.Of course, blocking apps is always It does not block. You can set it however you like.

Create time to work

The first factor that AppBlock needs to address is blocking an application for a period of time. Customize and monitor this interval to set reminders for periods when selected apps are not working. From there you develop focus, but the first stage is very difficult as you are completely dependent on your smartphone. Of course, I still have time to use the device myself.

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Set limits on entertainment

You can continue to use your device after the restrictions set by AppBlock have expired, but be careful with your entertainment. In particular, you should limit the use of your device to what you deem appropriate. After that, you should set timers to properly limit usage time and use the lock feature to do other things you’ve always wanted to do.

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See your effort over time

If you want to keep track of your device’s block time and free time, you’ll also find a complete and easily identifiable statistical table.Over time you can get used to these times and start adjusting your block time and device time. Of course, you can feel the shift in focus, and the app also offers useful profiles.

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Configure settings in different profiles

The profiles used by the application are understood as device usage and block lists during different periods and locations. That is, we usually break up when we are at work and when we are at home. You have several options to create this profile to improve the behavior of your application. Among other things, you can create profiles related to location, Wi-Fi, and time limits for using the device. So you often have profiles in different places and don’t forget whether they are activated or not.

Mod Info :

◉ Premium Features Unlocked
◉ AOSP Compatible / No Google
◉ CPUs arch: Universal
◉ Full Multi Languages
◉ All debug Info Removed
◉ Original Signature Changed


  • AppBlock - Block Apps & Sites Screenshot
  • AppBlock - Block Apps & Sites Screenshot
  • AppBlock - Block Apps & Sites Screenshot
  • AppBlock - Block Apps & Sites Screenshot
  • AppBlock - Block Apps & Sites Screenshot
  • AppBlock - Block Apps & Sites Screenshot
  • AppBlock - Block Apps & Sites Screenshot


AppBlock – Stay Focused v6.1.5 [Pro] [Mod] / Mirror

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