AdGuard VPN optimizes user activity on your device while providing a reliable layer of security. Due to the strict requirements of personal data protection, we create the most stable lock for your operation. After running the application, the IP address is hidden. No traces of you can be found on the website you just visited. This is the best way. Policy restrictions have been lifted and you can now experience the full version!

Stable Appearance

AdGuard VPN’s stability and long-term commitment to the market is something that users must acknowledge. Applications deserve to be trusted, chosen for their longevity and trend updates. Years later, it’s still a layer of defense that blocks malicious ads and protects your device from anywhere. Owned by millions of people. Therefore, we are pushing for further improvements.

Anonymous Accessories

The evolution of proprietary VPN protocols has created an anonymous space where devices can travel anywhere without being detected. Creates perfect camouflage, making it impossible for your opponent to block your right. The assumption is that the site can be accessed without permissions or keycards.

Creating a Special List

The AdGuard VPN interface has a virtual key that allows you to create a special list of websites you do not want to join. The user must make a decision by clicking on the listed name to navigate to the exclusion area. No more interruptions to your entertainment and workspace!

Quick Connection Process

Our servers connect without any specific policy restrictions, so device coverage locations are worldwide. Having a corresponding application speeds up connection to information sources. The server offers several options to help you get a better experience, and the menu is right next to it to assist you in the control process. The reason for building it is to protect server information and users’ online logs. IP addresses are obfuscated or swapped. User information is password locked. However, you can still surf the web and shop normally. The networks attached to the machine are also not listed as allowed objects. This is the safest security layer.

Global Population

AdGuard VPN is available in over 35 countries and is further recognized for its customer-centric policy. The task of protecting user information and providing ways to make it accessible continues. The fastest way to check technical issues anytime, anywhere with our support center. Please leave your needs and comments about the application below. We will solve all your problems!

Mod Info:
Premium features unlocked;
Analytics data disabled.


  • AdGuard VPN — private proxy Screenshot
  • AdGuard VPN — private proxy Screenshot
  • AdGuard VPN — private proxy Screenshot
  • AdGuard VPN — private proxy Screenshot
  • AdGuard VPN — private proxy Screenshot
  • AdGuard VPN — private proxy Screenshot


AdGuard VPN v2.1.54 [Unlocked] APK / Mirror

AdGuard VPN v2.1.53 [Unlocked] APK / Mirror

AdGuard VPN v2.1.52 [Unlocked] APK / Mirror