Add watermarks to your pictures. Put your property text or a logo image into your picture, adjust its size,
transparency, rotation, alignment, then save and share it. Lots of settings and features, also auto processing and batch mode.

FOR SUPPORT AND HELP please contact me via email or website (see below)!

Primary features of the Full version:
– Taking pictures with camera
– Quick share on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc.
– Fonts, color and other effects in text mode
– 66 built-in fonts, up to 20 custom fonts can be imported
– Easy reusing of recent watermark texts
– Adding of timestamp, filename, GPS tags and other properties as text watermark
– Processing of multiple images in batch mode
– Full support of EXIF data
– Saving target as .jpg or .png
– Support of transparent .png images as watermark
– Rename and resize by saving

Limitations of the Free version:
– User defined image-watermarks are disabled
– Saving only as .jpg, downsized to 1024 px on the long side
– Quick share after saving disabled
– No auto mode by launching from Share menu, no batch mode

Please note, due to memory limitations of mobile devices you could have problems when saving images in full camera resolution (more than 6-8 megapixel, depending on device). If so, it is recommended to use downsize when saving. Otherwise the app reduces the pic’s resolution automatically, to avoid out-of-memory errors.

Useful tips:
– Don’t delete original images after watermarking, because you can’t remove watermarks from processed images.
– To import custom fonts copy up to 20 TrueType or OpenType fonts to folder “addwatermark/custom_fonts” on your device.
– To add watermark direct from Gallery or another app, use Send or Share command and select Add Watermark.
– To quick share a picture to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc. enable “Share after saving” in “Save Dialog”. The related app must be already installed on the device.
– To datestamp a photo use %date% as text watermark. You find more useful placeholders in Settings / General

Many thanks to:
Muchamad Mahrus for translation in Indonesian!
TomoS for translation in Polish!
ene49 (CepTeam) for turkish translation!
Milly Zecchinato for translation in Italian!
Martin Sotelano for translation in Spanish!
Tristan Lyonnet for translation in French!
Martin Lehmann Madsen for translation in Norwegian!
Magichannel for translation in Chinese!
If you think you could help me to translate this app in other languages, please let me know.

Feel free to contact me: [email protected]
Or visit my blog:

What’s New
– Increased maximal outgoing resulution (full version)
– Recall upto 20 recently used watermarks
– Adding many watermarks is now much easier
– Added support of 360-panoramas and Photospheres
– New: built-in sticker collection (Mail stamp, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Flowers, etc.)
– Added Portuguese translation. Many thanks to Ben (for Samia)!
– Fixed issue: rotated watermarks looks sometime ugly due to aliasing
– Fixed issue: invalid EXIF alignment marker without source EXIF data


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